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Activities and trip tips

In close surroundings of our Geust House is fair amount of tourist targets, which can be explored either on feet, on bicycle or by car. Further information, tourist guides and promo materials can be found at our reception desk

For more, please follow or tourist portal of Dvur Kralove town

Atractive places in our surroundings:

  Spa town Velichovky 5 km – Spa oriented for movement disorders. Lázně zaměřené na léčbu pohybového ústrojí. Culture     programs, dance evenings, summer concerts, spa restaurant, sun terrace in spa park


  Chotěborky   4 km – Beautifull vilage in conservation area. Several admirable buildings can be found here, Virgin Mary church, cemetery with baroque stone portal, with old tombstones of Vrestov´s castle owners, Gothic bell tower. Popular tourist place

    Kuks 11,5 km – Baroque complex, historical apotheke pharmacy, original slucpture decorations from Mathias Bernard Braun               24 alegoric sculptures Virtues and Vices. To Kuks belongs as well betlehem with Braun´s sculptures and reliefs, made straight into sandstone. Kuksem and Betlehem is interconnected by nature trail


   Braun´s Betlehem  5,5 km -  World´s unique, baroque sandstone sculpture complex, made straght in terraine can be found cca 3 kilometres from Kuks, in Nový les land upon Zirec village


 ZOO Dvůr Králové n/L  9 km - ZOO Dvur Kralove nad Labem offers modern pavilions, bus tour through africa safari, tropical pavilion Bird´s world. Furter then permanent exhibition of paintigs from artist Zdenek Burian


    Tyrs´s swimming pool    Dvůr Králové 8 km - Tyrs´s swimming pool  was built in elegant thirties of past century. Main part of the swimming pool area was reconstructed in 2002. For visitors there are two large swimming pools, paddling and fair amount of sport fields. Furter free parking, restaurant and kiosks


   Dam Les Kralovstvi – Bila Tremesna 11,5 km – One of eldest dams in Czech Republic was built on the river Labe between years 1910 and 1919 with purpose of retention of water from Giant Mountains.  Dam has 224 metres in lenght, is 41 metres high and 37 metres wide


    Railway museum Jaromer - 11,5 km – eight steam locomotives can be found between exhibits, the eldest from 1873, rack locomotive from the year 1901, electric acumulator locomotive Ringhoffer from the year 1916, motor locomotives, inspector´s draisine TATRA, railway freight, passenger trains and lots of other exponents


   Josefov – fortres and  Army & History museum  - 11,5 km – In the 18th century the underground corridors under Josefov were  the most extensive in Europe, with lenght of 45 kilometres.Today´s guided tour is around 1 kilometre long. Outside interesting guide´s interpretation contributes to the eerie tour hand lamps with candles. Museum is dedicated to World Wars 


   Castle Pecka - 21,5 km - Castle Pecka can be found in the middle of the Giant Mountain surroundings. From castle viewpiont can be seen central masive of Giant Mountains with biggest Czech mountain Snezka, on the south/east  then 671 metres high Zvicina, highest point of the region


   Monument to the battle at Chlum - 15,5 km – Area of the battlefield  1866 close to town Hradec Kralove includes more then four hundred monuments, where the most important are available through tourist and bicycicle paths. In area there is 55 metre high tower. Every year, in the battle anniversary are held ceremonial events


   Centrum of experimental archeology - 18 km - Centrum of experimental archeology in Vsestary (CEA) creates a suitable enviroment for archology experiments